Message from Director - S. Hussain

At large the world scenario is fast changing and in keeping with the time our education system is also evolving. Every effort is being made at Modern Institute not only face the challenges but to “Shine to Outshine”. Presently the opportunities are galore for the endeavoring and enterprising, innovative and inventive students. The world beckons to you, but you must go out like a knight in armor. Done with determination, perseverance, courage and will to dare. You owe no one as much as you owe yourself. You owe to yourself the action that opens for you the doors to the goodness, the variety and the excitement of effort and success of battle and victory. Making payment on this debt to yourself is the exact opposite of selfishness. You can best pay your debt to society that has made you what you are by being just yourself with all your might and as a matter of course…..You fulfill the promise that lies latent within you by keeping your promises to yourself. Thus clad you will be like the knight in shining armor going out to combat that challenges that will strew your path and I’m sure that you will come out triumphant, leaving behind you a burning train of SUCCESS.

So let it be Written…So let it be done !!!!!